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    Dushanbe Zoo

    • Kalinino, Tajikistan
    • Dushanbe Zoo$$
    • +992 992-236-7577
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      One of the many attractions of Dushanbe has a wonderful zoo, founded in 1960 and funded by the initiative of local authorities. It is located in a picturesque location on the shores of the river Luchob among dense vegetation. Zoo in Dushanbe was one of the best in the Soviet Union, in 1974 there were about 1,059 animals. Relatively mild local climate allowed to give shelter to a variety of exotic tropical fauna. In 1991, the zoo was on the verge of closure through termination of government financing institutions remains functioning only due responsibility and enthusiasm of employees.

      Currently, the zoo Dushanbe contains about 600 animals, it is the only institution in the country that supports the natural habitat of wild animals. Here you can see lions, jaguars, leopards, brown and black bears, camels, wolves, jackals, foxes, yanotaў and owls and vultures. In addition, there live snakes, caimans and lizards. Popular with the public, there are two Indian elephants. This place is perfect for entertaining and informative families.  

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