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    Reserve Tiger Beam

    • Korolevskaya Dacha, Tajikistan
    • Reserve Tiger Beam$$
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    • Reserve Tiger Beam - one of the largest reserves, located in the Republic Tadzhikistan.Ego territory extends from the Panj River and Desert Kanyushynka Kum in the south to the mountain spine Hodge-goat. It has a large enough Tugay complex ecosystems, particularly rare and valuable species of flora and fauna. This is what makes it unique in its kind, since Tiger bar - the last on the planet which reserves that preserves natural communities tugay fauna and flora.

      Reserve Tiger bar is famous for the fact that its territory was the last meeting with the tiger Tugay. This momentous event was in 1958. Throughout Tajikistan Tight - narrow strips or small patches of forest thickets along the coast rivers. In turn, the reserve is characterized by these arrays Tugay jungle, which is almost not undergone anthropogenic impacts and have high resolution. Their safety is due to the favorable location of the reserve. 

      On the reserve lives Bukhara deer. This species is reduced, so the government is trying by all means to ensure its safety. In one project, provided technical assistance, held advocacy, organized children's environmental camps for residents of the surrounding areas. In 2004, planted saxaul forests in the territory surrounding the bulk of reeds. They grew up there before, but it had been destroyed by man.

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