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    Takht Sangin ("Temple of the Oxus")

    • Imeni Voroshilova, Tajikistan
    • Takht Sangin ("Temple of the Oxus")$$
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    • Takht Sangіn or "Temple of the Oxus", the remains of an ancient temple, located on the territory of the settlement in Hatlonskay area, five kilometers from the village Teshik Tosh. According to archaeologists, the temple was dedicated to the deity of the river Amu Darya, in ancient times was called "Oaks". The temple was probably built in the V-III centuries BC.

      Ancient site were started by Soviet archaeologists in 1976. The dimensions of the temple are really impressive: he was a square piece of each of the parties which had a length of 51 meters. Built a church community professed a special cult, which combines a Greek and zaraastryyskіya religious traditions.

      During excavations in Takht Sangіn were found numerous decorations, dishes and other items. Who survived the findings are now stored in the halls of the National Museum of Antiquities, located in the center of Dushanbe.

      It is noteworthy that the British Museum is also stored the treasures from the Temple of the Oxus. They were found by local residents in 1877 and sold to merchants who resold them to the British. The following comparison findings showed that they have the same origin. 

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