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    Museum of Musical Instruments Gurminj Zavkibekov

    • Dushanbe, Tajikistan
    • Museum of Musical Instruments Gurminj Zavkibekov$$
    • +992 223-32-10
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      Museum of Musical Instruments in Dushanbe in force since 1990, on the basis of a private collection Gurminj Zavkibekov gifted folk artist. Collection, which today has more than 200 exhibits from all over Asia, he began collecting at an early age. 

      The museum is located close to the main street - Rudakі Avenue, in the north-eastern part of the city. His exposure currently stands wind, bow, strings, percussion instruments. There is a bungee, Setar, Rubab, Tanbur. The special value collection - a beautiful Kashgar Setar, which is inlaid with ivory. Also in other areas are located other departments devoted to clothing, household goods and household items, which are more than 400-500 years.

      Visit the museum of musical instruments available daily from 9.00 to 17.00.

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